Allan Smith


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Allan Smith

Allan has been helping companies build project teams for twenty eight years. He is an industry veteran who started as a Junior Consultant in January 1990 and has gone on to create and run two international businesses and train hundreds of people in recruitment best practice, enabling them to succeed for the rest of their professional lives.

Having built and led numerous high performing teams, covering many professional disciplines, there isn’t much in the this industry that he hasn’t dealt with. He has created a relaxed professional culture at Maclellan Smith which resonates in the way everyone here conducts business.

His highest business priorities are building the right culture and providing the best tools and support for MacLellan Smith Consultants to succeed.

Outside of his professional life he is a family man and part-time chauffeur for his two children. He spends the rest of his time following Tottenham Hotspur, playing golf (badly) and getting bashed about by his fellow students of Judo and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, which is a minor obsession and seems to keep him out of trouble!

“All of our Consultants are here by choice. Every one of them is good enough to work anywhere and it’s my job to ensure that they choose to spend their time at MacLellan Smith because there is no better place for them to be.”