Louis Majois

E: lm@maclellansmith.com

T: +44 (0)141 465 9916

M: +44 (0)739 301 9996

Louis Majois

Louis joined MacLellan Smith in January 2017 with ten years’ previous combined IT and Telecommunications industry experience working directly for IBM and HP. He has worked with Cisco, BT, NetApp, Oracle, Infor, Unit4, Bluecoat, Symantec and Box helping these companies to bring their products to market.

Louis is multilingual, speaking English, Dutch, French and German, and his focus is building long term business relationships throughout Europe. Like everyone at MacLellan Smith he has a consultative approach and loves understanding the internal culture and unique needs of each client.

Outside of work Louis is a motivational Social Media Influencer and enjoys meeting up with friends and sharing his passion for funky music, rum and what he would describe as “kickin’ it old’ skool on the dancefloor”.

Louis lives by the mantra “Never Accept Defeat, Be Happy, Stay Funky and Be Yourself!”