Pete McLachlan


T: +44 (0)141 611 8300

M: +44 7341 866 100

Pete McLachlan
Senior Consultant

Pete has been with Maclellan Smith since 2014. His ten year background in technical sales and running corporate events has given him the right mix to help build partnerships between MacLellan Smith and our clients. Pete delivers international project delivery teams for clients with a focus on Technology Transformation and Infrastructure/Cloud based solutions.

Pete is a renowned golfer and before joining MacLellan Smith spent his time playing top level amateur golf, winning the Scottish Under 21 Championship in 2005 and playing NCAA Division 1 Golf for the University of Kansas City. His time in the USA turned him into a BBQ fanatic and you’ll always find him tinkering with brisket and chicken wings recipes. These are washed down with an ice-cold beer in the summer and a good Malbec during the winter. Pete is also a keen surfer who always tries to get a break at his favourite surf spot, Peniche in Portugal, once a year.