Linux Application Program
Q2 | Benelux and Central Europe

This client has heavily invested in the roll-out of its bespoke Linux environment, which is specifically tailored to their industry needs. My client is a global leader in the technology Industry and is one of the biggest in its industry.

Its next objective and highest priority is to focus on the continuation of the development, maintenance  and monitoring aspects of this environment. This will not only be a heavy hands-on application program but will also include a need for very specific in-depth expertise in developing best practice.

My client has therefore identified that there will be a need for highly qualified IT professionals in the area of Linux best practice development, system administration and maintenance.

This will involve providing a team of Senior IT Experts with skills which include, but are not limited to, extensive Linux expertise, demonstrable track record of hands-on experience with application development, maintenance, configuration, audit and monitoring.

Language requirement for this program is English.